An easy to use yet flexible accounting system that handles the special needs of agricultural companies, especially those with a migrant workforce. Our modular system includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll for salaried, hourly, piecework and H-2A employees.
Opticon Allows you to collect hourly information (clock ins/outs) and/or piecework data (buckets, weights, row feet, etc.) on inexpensive handheld computers, time clocks, and/or scales. Collected data can then be reviewed before being exported to your payroll accounting system for simplified creation of paychecks.
A simple program used to record the application of restricted use pesticides, fertilizers, and other crop treatments. Created to provide a simple alternative the other systems already on the market, PestTrack has an easy to use interface, extensive reporting, and tracking of multiple companies.
2020 H-2A Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWR)Friday, December 20, 20192020 rates are effective January 1, 2020!
You must enter the correct rate into your WAMS companies!
If you are not currently paying H-2A employees, you can update the rate today. Otherwise, remember this rate needs to be updated on January 1st (or for your first payroll after January 1st where the rate should be effective)!

Go to our rates page for the updated rates and more information on how to enter the rate in your WAMS companies.
Don't forget to order ID card printer supplies!Monday, February 17, 2020If you use PieceWorker, now is a great time to consider ordering ID cards, ribbons, and cleaning kits for your ID printer! Ordering ahead can save a small fortune in overnight shipping fees and prevent you from running out of supplies when you need to create ID cards the most!
Call us today to order supplies at 910-533-2624.
Redesigned 2020 W-4 required NOW!Wednesday, January 1, 2020Beginning January 1, 2020 any new W-4 forms submitted by your employees MUST be the redesigned 2020 form!  We have updated WAMS to accomodate these changes and created a web page to help explain these changes in more detail!
Ordering tax forms for tax year 2019Tuesday, October 29, 2019It's that time of year again. While tax forms are available from many vendors, every year we supply a list from SafeGuard that we have tested with our software. Click here for W2 ordering or here for 1099 ordering.

Did you know that WAMS supports 4-UP W2 forms (model # L4UP) from SafeGuard? This means you can print one page per employee and then fold it and place it in an envelope instead of printing multiple 2-UP forms (copy A, copy B, etc...) that you then have to assemble on your own. Note: While similar forms are available from other companies, we have only tested WAMS with 4-UP forms from SafeGuard.

GCC Cards We have partnered with GCC to offer payroll card services to our customers at no cost to the employer!
  • Eliminate Check Fraud
  • Pay employees in minutes
  • Seamless integration with our WAMS accounting system for easy enrollment!
Call or click here for more information!
We offer support for customers still running the old IDI Ag Management System (AMS)!  IDI no longer exists, so AMS support and updates stopped years ago.

Since we employ some of the original AMS programmers, we can offer assistance for your issues, information on tax updates, the ability to print tax forms using our WAMS software, and more!

Call or click here for more information!